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tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 11 11:32:28 EDT 2005

Again I mostly agree.  Especially the part about the laws being too little and too
far behind times.  BUT, people getting into seed selling should educate themselves
on the rugulations which DO exist, which DO apply to them, just so they won't run
into trouble.

--- Heron Breen <> wrote:

> The Federal seed act and most state standards are really vague and non-descript, 
> particularly when addressing diseases and seed quality. Yes there is language 
> making sure you have to sell true to type seed and advertise its attributes within
> the margins of reality/imagination. But, basically it is up to the integrity of
> the 
> seed companies to determine what level of quality etc they choose to offer. Over 
> the last year, I worked with various seed regs in-depth, and most high "standards"
> are only relevant when refering to certified and registered seed, which most
> garden 
> seeds are not. Most states have very stringent standards for certified and 
> registered seeds, but the garden trade is pretty much unregulated. The Federal
> Seed 
> Act is, in lieu of my work over the last year, somewhat laughable, as is the very 
> underfunded and out-of-touch facilities that that supposedly come up with seed 
> regs. Really folks, the big companies do not want specific regs more quality, seed
> size, disease, and some of the finer points. And ASTA pretty much makes the regs. 
> This is not badmouthing, it is a sad truth. The seed pathologists I have talked to
> have been almost the only voices of wisdom in the "system".
> Another good point about the "seeds intended to be planted in Minn..". Many 
> customers buy seeds from a company from their second home, office, for their 
> grandmother in another state, what have you. How in hell is a seed company 
> responsible or even able to ascertain where the customer is going to plant their 
> seeds. For example, a fellow buys plants from his home in the southwest to plant
> at 
> his summer home in the midwest. Does a company use the billing address or the 
> shipping address? Do we make ever customer sign a letter of intentionas to where 
> they wish to plant their seeds? What about seeds folks buy but don't plant? The 
> holes in this sort of regulation are many and obvious.
> Peace,
> Heron Breen
> zone 4, Maine  

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