[NAFEX] Best keeping apples?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Jul 8 19:48:32 EDT 2005

Garfield Shults, Homedale, ID. has developed an apple called Coconut 
Crunch that is extremely long keeping.  They are still in prime 
condition when the new crop comes in, and from what I've seen, might 
keep as long as the Hambledon Deux Ans.  I haven't tasted that many 
yet, but they really do have a coconut-like aftertaste.
-Lon Rombough
Grapes, writing, consulting, my book, The Grape Grower, at 
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On Jul 8, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Mark Lee wrote:

Sam mentions Hambledon Deux Ans as keeping up to 2 years.  Interesting!
"Its name (Hambledon Two Years) derives from the supposition that it may
be preserved with care for a couple of years. A large noble apple. It is
richly flavored, but rather deficient in juice.  Self-fertile." Here is
some more info I found at the Keepers Nursery website:

Hambledon Deux Ans
Arose in about 1750 in Hambledon, Hampshire. Popular in 19th Century
when it was said that every Hampshire garden had a 'Deusans' tree .
Commercially grown in Kent. May still be found in old gardens in
Hampshire and Sussex.

A large apple. Round-conical to conical shape, a few fruits almost
oblong. Often irregular and sometimes lopsided. Some fruit fairly
distinctly ribbed. Dull deep green background skin colour becoming
golden yellow. May be up to three-quarters flushed brownish red,
brightening to orange red on ripening. Some broad, broken, stripes.
Creamy white flesh, tinged yellow. Firm and rather dry. Primarily a
culinary apple, keeps its shape when cooked or makes a stiff puree.
Sweet, quite rich taste when used early.

A very vigorous spreading tree. Good cropper. Prone to bitter pit. Very

Use Culinary
Colour Flushed
Flavour Rich
Fruit size  Large
Picking time  Early/Mid Oct
Season of use  Oct-Mar
Tree vigour  Vigorous
Tree habit  Spreading
Fruit bearing  Spur-bearer
Cropping Good
Special features Attractive Blossom


Does anyone grow this apple?

-Mark Lee, Seattle  zone 8a

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