[NAFEX] elderberry propagation

darrgris at unr.nevada.edu darrgris at unr.nevada.edu
Wed Jul 6 19:05:47 EDT 2005

I have done cuttings of American elderberries Adams and Johns and European
elderberry Guincho purple and another Sambucus nigra.  I took pencil-thick
cuttings in late fall, buried them in sand until about March, dipped the bottom
end in rooting hormone (which is probably pointless, since they don´t root from
the ends, but from the leaf nodes) and potted them individually.  Success was
about 80%.  I´ve also had near 100% success in the past with semi-ripe cuttings
in late July with bottom heat and high humidity.

For me thicker than pencil thick cuttings didn´t grow well.

Zone 6-7 (and climbing) in Sparks, NV at 4,500 ft.

Quoting Bob Sorenson <natvwine at cut.net>:

> Has anyone reproduced elderberry by cuttings?
> Bob in Z5 Utah at 6,000 ft.

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