[NAFEX] potted pomegranate

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Sun Feb 20 11:08:09 EST 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions for potted fruit plants last month.  I 
have decided to try a pomegranate.  That is it attractive and 
drought-tolerant tipped the scales.  That and that I've never seen one 
grown.  (We all explore fruit in our own ways.)  If it fails to thrive, 
I will grow a second citrus,

It will be Punica granatum "nana" or "eversweet".

Has anyone ever tried to keep the eversweet small?  I have 2 to 2.5 
gallons of pot-space, and 3.5' of headroom above the soil-line in my 
sunny window.  I would like to try to "eversweet" if there's a 
reasonable chance of success.

Oh, and thanks to whomever suggested alpine strawberries.  I have 
ordered a bunch, and will go out and buy a planter soon.

eastern MA, zone 6
Where some intrepid daffodils have begun to sprout, but the outdoor 
fruits will be dormant for another month or more.

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