[NAFEX] Mayhaw growers

Haynie, Bruce BRUCE.HAYNIE at ttu.edu
Mon Feb 14 14:26:10 EST 2005


This is my first post to the list since joining the other day.
Fascinating posts to say the least.

I'm looking to make contacts with mayhaw growers, particularly in the
southeast Texas area around Huntington (Angelina County).  I've started
a small mayhaw tree orchard (3 trees) and seem to have a perennial
problem with leaf spot... at least while leaves are still on the trees.
The trees don't seem to be affected other than some premature
defoliation before typical fall/winter defoliation.

If possible, I'd like to know a good online resource for mayhaw spraying
schedules and how to rid these trees of leaf spot.  Any and all comments
are welcome.


Lubbock, TX
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