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Regina Kreger regina at kreger.net
Sun Feb 13 11:50:47 EST 2005

Not a blueberry, but have you tried juneberries (amelanchier, AKA
serviceberry or sarvisberry)? Lee has a good chapter on them in his book,
broken down into which types are native to which part of the continent. I
guess the saskatoon types (a.alnifolnia) would be the ones you'd want in MN.
The fruit look like blues, don't necessarily taste like them but supposedly
taste quite good in their own right, and are suited to your climate.
They're very ornamental, and many cultivars have been selected for looks
rather than taste, so make sure you're getting one bred for the fruit. Lee
describes 2-1/2 pages worth of varieties, about 1/2 of which are
a.alnifolnia. Check it out.

Mind you, I haven't tried them myself -- yet.  I'm planning to plant both
blueberries and serviceberries in my new yard, but I will be looking more
for the Allegheny serviceberries for my location, rather than the
saskatoons. Haven't yet done the research on which varieties to go for.

Zone 7, MD

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>     Has anyone ever invented a blueberry for the Northern grower that
> doesn't require acidic soil?  My soil is sandy, calcareous and has a vast
> buffering potential to where it is not only difficult to make acidic but
> won't stay that way.  If I'm to grow blueberries, the plants should desire
> pH range of 6.5 to 7.5.  Does such a blueberry exist?
> Jim Fruth
> Pequot Lakes, MN
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