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Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Yes, Gravenstein will grow in Southern Indiana.  Spitzenburg will pollinate.
Bramley makes a wonderful applesauce or pie, but I wouldn't use it alone for
cider.  I'd combine it with a sweet apple and a 'bitter', or cider apple,
such as Foxwhelp (bittersweet), Yarlington (bittersweet), or Dolgo crab
(bittersharp).  Raintree carries all the varieties mentioned.  


Gravenstein is a great cider apple, and you could make a wonderful sweet
cider with Spitzenburg and Gravenstein, at maybe 4 parts S. to 1 part G,
according to your taste.  For a hard cider, you want to add the bitter
types, and decreases the sweet apples; although, I have enjoyed my hard
ciders made from sweet apples just fine.  In fact, I prefer them; but people
serious about quality hard ciders use a blend of 3 parts sweet, 2 parts
sharp, and 2 parts bitter.  A little sharp or bitter apple will improve your
sweet cider.





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I need some advice on apples:  1)Can I grow a Gravenstein in southern
Indiana?  2)  Will a Spitzenburg funtion as a pollenator?  3)  Is a Bramley
a good apple for sauce and/or cider?  4) Is there a good source for all of
them from one nursery?  

Jerry in southern Indiana

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