[NAFEX] source of cherry pits and anyone in Fallon NV area?

Dianne Stephany iluvdanc at rochester.rr.com
Sun Feb 6 12:51:43 EST 2005

We are thinking of relocating and Fallon, NV, has come up several times. It is zone 6, one zone warmer than where we are now (Rochester, NY, zone 5).  Hoping to move to someplace where we can start our fruit trees AGAIN, is there anyone on this list who lives there who could give us information?  It is supposed to be quite the agricultural area, but we wonder about water availability and quality ( hints of jet fuel contamination?)  for apples, apricots, cherries,  peaches etc. 

Also, there was a thread earlier (which I lost the saved  emails, sorry) on getting sweet cherry pits to grow to select for hardyness.  We are going to pit and dry our sweet cherries this July-- does anyone want the pits? We have golden cherries and one red one that the birds picked clean before we got any (Van, Ranier & Emperor Francis) that are doing very well in our cold winters and clay soil.  There is a wild red cherry that is about 200 ft away that is probably involved in pollinating the sweets.

You may contact me off list -
Dianne Stephany (NAFEX member), zone 5
iluvdanc at rochester.rr.com
135 Crandon Way
Rochester, NY 14618
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