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Currants are called currants because they look like Zante grapes which 
were called currants because they were grown in Greece and shipped west 
from Corinth. The word "currant" is a corruption of "Corinth". That clear?

Bob Hartley

Stephen Sadler wrote:

> Those currants are dried Zante grapes, ake currant grapes, aka 
> champagne grapes. No, they don’t make Champagne from them. They’re 
> very small, good-flavored grapes. Small and dark, like black currants. 
> Maybe the marketers think they look like Champagne bubbles? So dried 
> Zante grapes are called currants, and dried currants are called – 
> dried currants.
> Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
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> Having just made a fruitcake (panforte) after a lot of research and 
> purchasing of ingredients online I discovered that what "citron" is a 
> fruit (a citrus peel), candied lemon and orange peel are appropriate 
> substitutions. I also found that dried "currants" used in recipes like 
> Hot Cross Buns are actually raisins.
> deb
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