[NAFEX] Sour Cherry Rootstocks

Ken Schramm compleatmeadmaker at wowway.com
Fri Dec 30 20:47:23 EST 2005

I'm interested in propagating a sour cherry tree that was on my 
property when I purchased it, but has been hit hard by borers.  I'd 
like to graft a few scions to rootstock, but everyplace I've found on 
line seems to be selling cherry rootstocks by the hundreds.  I've got 
room for a few more trees, but great hoppin' cherry pits: I don't 
know what I'd do with a hundred.

Anyone have any recommendations on where I can get Mazzard or Mahaleb 
rootstocks by the dozen, maybe?

Ken Schramm
Troy, MI
Zone 5

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