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If you intend to bud or graft plants the rootstock plants are produced from cuttings. 
First root the rootstocks from cuttings then perform the budding or grafting operations. 
Some growers graft and root the root stocks at the same time; this technique is called stenting. 

Success of a graft union depends on the establishment of a callus bridge between the cut surfaces of scion and stock, and the subsequent establishment of a functioning vascular cylinder connecting scion and stock. 
Initial callus formation appears to develop about equally on the cut surfaces of both partners, arising not from the cambial layers but from parenchyma cells, mostly in the wood just inside the camblum. 
Soon after scion and stock calluses have merged, callus cells just below the cambial cells of the scion begin to divide in the same plane as the camblum. 
Waves of cell division proceed from the top down, suggesting that a regulatory stimulus moves to the cut surface from the growing-shoot tip. 
Callus parenchyma cells inside the new camblum cylinder re-differentiate into functioning xylem cells. 
Last of all, the new cambium begins producing phloem cells.

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