[NAFEX] GMO and Breeding

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Fri Dec 30 12:08:28 EST 2005

While I appreciate others opinions, natural selection and pressure is by no means
comparable to plant breeding, modern or otherwise. There are major distinguishing
genetic "intents" between the two. A plant or animal is, truly, a multi-celled
organism. All of these cells are individually working together to create a
enviroment that is safe and secure for division and nutrient management. Rather
than go on at length, here are a few concepts for those interested to look into: 
Natural processes work within what is known as horizontal resistance, while
modern agriculture works within vertical resistance. As one understands these
breeding and cellular recombination concepts, one understands why genetic
engineering and most other efforts of single or multi-gene resistance create
problems within 10 years.
Also, there is widespread misuse of the very principles which genetic engineered
farming should be applied under. Seed technology producers and farmers are
suposed to be farming and leaving areas that are non-gmo corn and soybean etc
parallel to their gmo operations. This allows the natural world an ability to
breed without breeding in gmo resistance. Originally, this also applied to weed
suppressing technology, but none is adhered to or regulated. Almost no one
follows the "science"-recommended farming practices.
I take great issue with the concept of intellectual or corporate welcoming of
criticism or oversight. For the most part conglomeration has led to control of
seed, fertilizer, crop treatments, medicine etc, all under one roof. Who is
overseeing the intergration of businesses or their ethical behavior? The
multi-national nature of the money moving upwards, and government collusion
breeds the propaganda of the starving world needing ADM. The "truth" is
conglomeration leads to the starving world.
GMO food is already commonplace in the supermarket, so the idea that "scientists"
are overly concerned about the public health seems to leak considerably.
I think, bluntly, there are those that believe technology, of any type, is the
answer to every problem. There are others that have worked with "scientists" and
industry and realize people are flawed, which is okay, but this includes their
ideas of a disease/pest/weed free utopia. Their own data and studies show that
natural selection/processing actually speeds up to outpace and rebalance man-made
changes, most often with unforeseen consequences. Look outside anywhere at
today's world to see this. 
The first 3 generations of gmo technology have been mismanaged, poorly designed,
and pushed with profit in mind. Money has been the only "green" in the
revolution, while farmers literally die out. 
Show me statistics that farming has improved economically or enviromentally for
small, medium, and large scale farmers since the advent of gmo agro-tech, and
I'll believe the nicey-nice "it'll be alright once we get it right" propaganda.
Until then , we are blowing billions of investment dollars promoting a corrupt,
do nothing,  tech industry. Please read LORDS of the HARVEST, FAST FOOD NATION,
and a few other good books. And take a look at the economic and soul erosion of
farming communities. I am glad at least all the scientists are happy and well-fed.
This is not the simple misunderstood science that many wish to believe. But, by
looking at our modern highways, I know the road to hell is already paved. Good
luck  with all that.
Heron Breen
zone 4, Maine    

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