[NAFEX] Citron

Geoffrey Tolle Gtolle0709 at wowway.com
Thu Dec 29 18:59:50 EST 2005


     Probably not quite useless. The seeds are probably edible. The 
egushi, a very bitter watermelon relative, is widely grown in Africa for 
its seeds. The natives have a "technique" for shelling the seeds and 
several hulless or nearly hulless varieties have been developed. I 
suppose that it just depends on the size of the seeds.

                                                             Geoffrey Tolle

Doc Lisenby wrote:

>Tom, ask around among farmers in NorCar.  Citron was an undesirable pest 
>plant found among watermelon patches back in the thirties, forties and 
>fifties.  [Deletions] They are worthless for eating purposes, except for 
>preserved citron as far as I know.
>Doc Lisenby

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