[NAFEX] Citron

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Thu Dec 29 09:33:12 EST 2005

Tom, ask around among farmers in NorCar.  Citron was an undesirable pest 
plant found among watermelon patches back in the thirties, forties and 
fifties.  I suppose its seed got mixed in with the seed growers watermelon 
seed.  It will grow in the piedmont and coastal regions of the State, that's 
for sure.  I don't know about the mountain region.  We'd stomp them when we 
found them which probably made them spread even more the next year.  Some 
people preserved them for fruitcakes but would only take one or two.  I used 
to give them to people from cooler regions as a joke telling them that they 
were yellow watermelons. They are worthless for eating purposes, except for 
preserved citron as far as I know.
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8 

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