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Roger Doiron roger at kitchengardeners.org
Wed Dec 28 11:21:59 EST 2005

Hi NAFEX folks,
I am the new owner of a house, yard, and two yet-to-be-identified fruit
trees.  I know that one is an apple and the other we think is a plum.  I'm
looking forward to discovering them and what I need to do to them to make
them productive through this list.
While I'm new to the world of fruits and nuts, I have experience in the
parallel universe of vegetables through my work with Kitchen
<http://www.kitchengardeners.org/2005/10/what_is_kgi.html>  Gardeners
International (KGI), a new nonprofit group that encourages and teaches
people to be more actively involved with their food through gardening and
KGI would like to incorporate more "fruit and nut" info in what we do.  I'd
like to extend an invitation to any of you who'd like to share your
fruit/nut growing passion and know-how with others.  KGI is creating a
network of food/garden/orchard bloggers who are locally rooted and globally
concerned.  We currently have 18 people from 6 countries sharing their
experiences online through words and pictures. We're quite "veggie-oriented"
for the moment and would like to see some fruit/nut lovers join the ranks of
our amateur bloggers. 
If you 1) love sustainably-produced food, both product and process 2) like
to write and share your findings -- in the kitchen, garden or orchard --
with others and 3) take a decent digital picture, then this might be
something worth exploring.  
Here are a couple examples of what our bloggers are doing:
We provide the web space, blogging software, and limited training needed to
get you up and blogging.  
Please let me know off-list if you're interested or have any questions.
Roger Doiron
roger at kitchengardeners.org 
Scarborough, ME 
zone 5-6 (depending on whose map you're using)
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