[NAFEX] Propagation of a Christmas tree using your CUT Christmas tree

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Propagation of a Christmas tree using your CUT Christmas tree

The beautiful CUT Christmas tree which you purchased this year is not suitable to use to propagate new trees. Most commercial Christmas trees are propagated from seeds. From found or purchased seedlings, in a few years you will have a wonderful supply of Christmas trees to use, give away or sell!

Some of the favorite varieties used for Christmas trees in the US and Canada are:
Concolor Fir  
Fraser Fir - a top choice  
Norway Spruce
Douglas Fir - a top choice  
Eastern White Pine  Southwestern White Pine
Balsam Fir - a top choice  
Scotch Pine  
Colorado Blue Spruce
Canaan Fir  
Eastern Red Cedar  
White Spruce
Eastern White Pine  
Virginia Pine  Noble Fir

Some the the most beautiful Christmas trees are the living trees in pots or balls. After the holiday season simply take the tree outside and plant it at the appropriate time for your area (subject to frozen soil to dig the planting hole).

There are many suppliers of Christmas tree stock grown from seed. We do not recommend any particular supplier. Two well known tree farms are:

Lawyer Nurseries
950 Highway 200 West
Plains, MT 59859
trees at lawyernursery.com
This company is best for the commercial grower since their prices are quite reasonable. They have a $250 minimum order. From their catalog: "We Offer One of the Largest Selections of Field Grown Bareroot Nursery Stock in the Wholesale Nursery Trade

Musser Forests
1880 Route 119 Hwy N
Indiana, PA 15701
sales at musserforests.com
This company has a wide range of plants which are indexed by the intended use. They cater to both the home and commercial grower. From their catalog "Our shipping rate is a flat 20% of the order total with a $6.00 min. This covers shipping, handling, and boxing. If your shipping exceeds the 20%, we will bill for the difference." 
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