[NAFEX] pears in z4?

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sat Dec 24 21:24:33 EST 2005

On Dec 24, 2005, at 3:22 PM, Claude Jolicoeur wrote:

> A 22:23 05.12.23 +0000, vous avez écrit :
>> Is it time for another discussion of which pear cultivars are  
>> doing well or
>> at least surviving in zone 4? 3?  Cold hardiness and disease  
>> tolerance.
>> Here's a list I'm curious about:
> Tanis, I grow quite a few varieties near Quebec, zone 4.
> . . .
> Seckel - very late, got only 1 small pear, fabulous.
. . .

My uncle grows pears in the Catskills.  In general the area is zone  
5, but he's on top of a hill, very exposed, and there's a clear  
climate difference between his hilltop and the nearby lake.  He has a  
seckel which has done very well, and the pears are fabulous (although  
very small.)

His major problem has been with raccoons.  Once the pears get old  
enough to bear the bark must get sweeter, or something, because  
that's when they start to attack.  One hungry raccoon can strip all  
the bark off a mature, bearing tree in a short period of time.  His  
seckel is 85% dead, with a thin strip of bark along the side  
supporting a couple of upper branches.


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