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Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Sat Dec 24 15:35:51 EST 2005

I go to:


and enter my search term(s) in the search box.  Leave the search parameter
at the default ibiblio.org, and you'll get more hits than if you switch the
parameter to Nafex.org.  It's not perfect, as it seems to search message
titles, not message bodies; but it's helpful.    

Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.

USDA 9, AHS heat zone 8, 

Sacramento CA - Mediterranean climate

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In the past there was an internal search-engine, but I never got it to work.

  And my computer skills aren't THAT bad.  Now the only options are you can 
ask it to sort the messages (on only one month's archive page) by date, 
author, thread, or title.  The choice might be 'topic' rather than title, 
but it sorts by TITLE-- which isn't always the topic.

Until recently a google- or yahoo-search of a topic would sometimes yield 
appropriate NAFEX archive entries, but now those finds lead to the FOF/ 
'Page Not Available' statement.  Sorry.

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