[NAFEX] Nut shells for research.

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Sat Dec 24 07:23:20 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

Although we aren't known as nut growers (nuts maybe) I'm forwarding this 
request to the net. Hopefully some net members can help Dr. Venkatesh in his 
research project and donate material.  Please see his request below.


<<<<<Mr. Lehman:
I am a researcher working in Department of Chemical Engineering, Michigan
state University. We are interested in converting waste materials into
energy, particularly cellulosic biomass. Recently I came to know that nut
shell is a valuable source for making energy. In this respect, I need your
help to get different kind of nut shell including almonds, Black Walnuts,
Butternuts, Chestnuts, Heart nuts, Hazel nuts and filberts, Hickory,
Hicans, Pecans, Persian walnut and Cashew nut for research. I would deeply
appreciate if you can get 2lb of each nut shell (separately packed) will
be quite useful for our research. We will acknowledge your association
once we get appropriate results to publish a paper.
We also need a feed back, like what do they do with the nut shell waste at
present and How much quantity you generate in US.
with kind regards,
B. Venkatesh

Dr. Balan Venkatesh
Research Associate
Biomass conversion Research Laboratory (BCRL),
2527, Engineering Building,
Department of Chemical Engineering and Mat. Sci.
Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824
Ph. 517 353 9948 (O), 517 355 8201 (R)

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