[NAFEX] Phosmet and warble fly

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Thu Dec 22 23:18:43 EST 2005

Well folks,
About six months ago, I posted a vague bit about phosmet, some of our's beloved 
Imidan, having potential links to "mad-cow". Here is an article by one of the 
farmer guys who started wondering. Another amateur scientist/farmer who plays what 
if and enlists the help of some "real" scientists to try his theories. The article 
shows phosmet may have played a co-direct role in cow infection, but presents many 
other variables for other mammals. For fruit growers, I don't know if it 
conclusively says one way or the other whether we should be concerned or cautious 
about Imidan. Take it as hearsay, do your own googling, find opposing view points 
or pages that say "crackpot" to all below. Still a good read, and thought 
prevoking. Definitely makes me leary of ANY residual Imidan exposure upon the 
person spraying. Enjoy!
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Heron Breen
zone 4, Maine

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