[NAFEX] GRIN help?

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Query on species name or a common cultivar of the species.  I.e, Concord, Bartlett, Allstar, Fuji....

Click on hyperlink for species at top, Malus domestica , or whatever.


more interesting, click on Observations link.

find the attribute you are interested in

Click on Observed values

Click on the histogram "bin" that most interests you.

Cultivar descriptions are spotty.  Some are well fleshed out

(Cornish Aromatic) apple
Comments:: Size medium to large 60-73; 50-65 mm; shape flat to inter- mediate truncate-conic to conic, convex, ribbed at eye and on body; skin yellow flushed orange and red, and striped deeper red with russet dots and patches, rough. Flesh firm, crisp, fine, creamy white; flavor sweet, subacid, aromatic; season late. Tree: vigorous, upright, spreading. Produces spurs freely.

and some are sparse

Seyve Villard 7-111
Blue berry, medium size. Medium-large compact cluster. Average vine size, good production. Winter hardy.

Good luck!


> Well, a chance google-search showed me how to get into the accessions/ fruit 
> descriptions pages, but sometimes there's nothing in the 'narrative' 
> paragraph-- the one which describes the tree & fruit.  Sometimes it contains 
> only the comment : "record owned by PGQO on GRIN"
> I tried more internet searches for this, and all I could find was various 
> lists of ARS distributions data, w/o any real content.  Can anyone describe 
> how to find a fruit description paragraph buried somewhere in the apparently 
> huge PGQO database?
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