[NAFEX] Accurate well defined hardiness map.

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Wed Dec 21 21:53:12 EST 2005

There is no such thing. 

If you found one that divides down to the county level it will be 
meaningless. Each zone has a 10 degree difference, and just because a line might be drawn 
on a county line, those counties will not have average temps 10 degrees 
warmer or colder than the other. Also those temp ranges aren't absolute.  My zone 
5b (-15 to -5, my extrapolation) regularly sees -20 and the record is -32. 

Conclusion: A well defined map is meaningless. Close counts in horse shoes 
(the game), hand grenades and USDA Hardiness Zones.  

Opinion time: Add at least one zone to what most nursery catalogs list their 
material to be hardy too.  If they say zone 5, if might survive zone 6 over a 
long time period.  

Stephen is correct when he writes:  Even in a very large area of a single 
zone, one might live in a microclimate; 
I might add, those microclimates can be much colder as well as warmer.  

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