[NAFEX] Climate zone map

Chex ricechex at rocketmail.com
Wed Dec 21 14:19:40 EST 2005

Hi, I joined a month or so ago and have just been
lurking.  I thought I would jump in on this zone
map discussion.  The book put out by the Northern
Nut Growers Association "Nut Tree Culture in
North America" has a map of the united states
that shows frost free days.  I find it to be very
useful when selecting nut and fruit varieties
because while many trees can withstand bitter
cold the length of the growing season is often
more important when it comes to whether the fruit
has enough time to ripen.  It is just a black and
white map made by Baldwin in 1975.  I have
searched the web for a better map with the same
information.  Has anyone seen an online map with
length of growing season?

Chris Rice
zone 5, Illinois

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