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I missed the thread on this, but in case it hasn't already been mentioned:
the Round-Up patent has expired and "generic" concentrated liquid versions
are now available at higher strength/(much) lower cost.

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For anyone wanting to get some of this, just be aware that it is not just
Glyphosate (73.3%), but also contains 2.9% Diquat, which is considerably
more toxic than Glyphosate. Also note that cows are particularly sensitive
to the toxic effects of this material.

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  Hi Guys;

  Sometime you really need this stuff, as 'naughty' as it

  Get the 'Pro-Dry' Round up (Gemplers)
  $15 for 5 packs, 1.5 ounces each

  There's a pamphlet in the box, here's the deal:

  One packet per gallon of water will kill any plant known to man. Quickly,
  It may also provide too much re-growth prevention so watch out.

  One pack in 2 gallons will kill flowers, roses, perennials.

  One pack in 3 gallons is good enough for annual grass and wimpy weeds.

  The 'ready to use' stuff at the store is the wimpy mix.
  I don't bother with it because it takes too many applications to do any
serious work, and the dry stuff is far more economical and cheap to get
postage on it.


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