[NAFEX] Sam's Seascape Strawberries

Don Yellman don.yellman at webformation.com
Tue Dec 20 11:43:04 EST 2005


I have only grown dayneutral strawberries two or three times over the years, and have never attempted transplant to a new bed, but my guess on your problem with the Seascapes is timing.

If you had transplanted them to their new bed in fall instead of mulching them, they might have had time to go through their growth cycle in a normal fashion.  Transplant the following spring did not allow them enough time to become accomodated and continue their normal cycle, especially if the plants were already beginning to bud or leaf out at transplant time.  By the time they were able to adjust from transplant shock and begin to form berries, it was already too late, and those few blossoms that formed may also have suffered from poor pollination, accounting for the small size and distorted shapes.  If I am right -- as occasionally happens -- they should resume their normal growth and production patterns next spring, assuming you don't try to transplant them again.  But if they have filled in the bed, I would thin them to at least 6 inches apart, and give them a little high "P" fertilizer.

When I grew the most successful of the few dayneutrals I have tried, which was Selva, I left the bed in place for 4 years, thinning out the older plants each spring.  They continued to produce well for three seasons, petering out a little only in year 4, at which time I took them out since I was already growing Junebearers in another bed.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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