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HI Jim,

Yes, I used the term loosely. (I like aliterations). I think of a tree as
single stemmed entity. A bush to me encompasses many multi stemmed things
that don't get too big, my catch-all for Boysenberry. My plant also
developes long runners that, according to the Nursery, needs winter
protection in my area. The same Nursery said that Black Satin Blackberry
"may require protection in cold winters".

As for my zone, I went back to AG Canada for my Thornhill locations. They
have a version that say my area is in Can Zone 5B, with Toronto, just south
of me in 6A (Lake effect no doubt)

1st site: http://sis.agr.gc.ca/cansis/nsdb/climate/hardiness/intro.html

another site:  http://atlas.gc.ca/site/english/maps/environment/land/planthardi

I tried to look at the USDA image that you identified, but it is hard to
decipher. I cannot enlarge it enough. My area appears to be 5A, with 5B
being by the lake. According to the background info for the USDA, even
though there have been attempts to standardize across N Am, there are minor
variances. As the French would say: "Vive le difference!" - however subtle
it might be.

In a normal winter, we will hit -20 to -25C (-4 to -13F) for a short time.
We've already been down to -19C (-3F) a couple of days ago.


On 12/19/05, Jim Fruth <jfruth at uslink.net> wrote:
> John,
>   When you say that you have a boysenberry 'bush', are you using the word
> loosely or is there a better word to describe it?  I tend to think of a
> bush
> as something that is sort of compact.  My boysenberry plants make
> runners/branches up to 20' long.  I've always covered them with leaves and
> this year I didn't have time so will learn if snow cover does the same
> job.
> BTW, mine are planted next to, and/or on top, the septic tank so the roots
> never freeze.
>   Anyway, use this link to learn which zone you are in - Canadians do not
> have their own map; it is a north American thing.
> http://www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/ushzmap.html
> --
> Jim Fruth
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> Pequot Lakes, MN
> www.bberryfarm.com
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