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Sat Dec 17 08:45:19 EST 2005

I have followed the "blackberry postings" with interest. There have been a  
lot of good information there. I planted the new "Prime Jan" and "Prime Jim"  
primocaine berries this spring and have been very satisfied with them. They are 
 very thorney but I like the idea of cutting them to the ground in winter and 
 getting a good fall crop. 
I tipped them a bit late this year and the Jim was a little too late - we  
had an early killing frost, then Indian Summer and there were a lot of berries  
and blooms left that were killed. The Prime Jan seems to be a bit earlier and  
not quite as vigorous as the Prime Jim. The berries were great, large 
excellent  taste and seem to be high yielding. This was the first year and I am 
looking  forward tonext year to see how they expand. There were a few new 
primocaines  that came up late in the fall. I have ordered more plants of both for next 
I also planted a few (6) Tripple Crown to test them. I am in Zone 5, but  
often we seem to be zone 6 so I may get something from them. They grew very well  
and have produced a lot of vine, I have them on trellis like grapes. 
Ed  Mashburn
Central PA
Zone 5A
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