[NAFEX] blackberry cold tolerance

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 16:36:03 EST 2005

I haven't tried growing any selections, but the wild blackberries here show a wide
range of fruiting/ blossom hardiness.  Canes are HARDY (as long as rabbits don't
feed on them), but don't expect to find fruit-- at least, worthwhile harvesting-- on
anything except what was protected by deep snowdrifts during relatively mild
winters.  And decent soil & moisture helps.  I agree too w/ the observation about
fluctuating temperatures-- reduces hardiness.

tc, s.WI, where black raspberries are more reliable.

--- lee reich wrote:

> I'm in Zone 4/5. Darrow is very hardy and very tasty but also very thorny, so much
so that I stopped growing thorny blackberries.  
> Chester winterkills somewhat here but usually enough canes survive for some crop.
I'm now trying more tender blackberries whose canes I put on the ground in late fall
and then cover with straw or leaves.  
> It's a hassle but survival is usually good. I've been successful
> doing this with Doyle thornless and Marionberry.
> Lee Reich, PhD
> www.leereich.com

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