[NAFEX] blackberry cold tolerance

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I'm in Zone 4/5. Darrow is very hardy and very tasty but also very  
thorny, so much so that I stopped growing thorny blackberries.  
Chester winterkills somewhat here but usually enough canes survive  
for some crop. I'm now trying more tender blackberries whose canes I  
put on the ground in late fall and then cover with straw or leaves.  
It's a hassle but survival is usually good. I've been successful  
doing this with Doyle thornless and Marionberry.

Lee Reich, PhD

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On Dec 15, 2005, at 2:25 PM, Brungardt, Sam wrote:

> Michele, I have a row of Illini Hardy in my garden here in St.  
> Paul, Minn. (USDA Hardiness Zone 4b?).  I have had the planting in  
> maybe 6 years, and have had good harvests about 3 of those years.   
> One year I lost the entire crop because rabbits gnawed the bark off  
> the canes (as well as those of the black and purple raspberries)  
> during a snowy winter.  Last summer I had a poor fruit set and  
> harvest, which I attributed to very widely fluctuating temperatures  
> the winter before as well as to poor hardening-off weather in the  
> fall.  It was a real disappointment since I've come to love  
> blackberry cobblers and  jam.  I don't know whether I'll keep the  
> Illini Hardy; I've spoken for several of John Bunker's plants and  
> may try the new primocane blackberries from the Univ. of Arkansas.   
> Trouble is, space is very limited and thorny, upright cultivars  
> need considerable room. -- Sam Brungardt
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> With regard to blackberry cold tolerance, I would like to hear more  
> about what northern gardeners are experiencing as they attempt to  
> grow blackberries beyond zone 6.
> If Jim’s blackberries are frozen out above the snow line, is it the  
> insulating effects of the snow rather than desiccation that is  
> making the difference?
> Any thoughts?
> My master’s work was with blackberries, and I would like to hear  
> what others have found in this regard, anecdotally or otherwise.
> Does anyone else grow Fort Kent King, Illini Hardy, Cancaska, etc.??
> Michele Stanton
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