[NAFEX] blackberry cold tolerance

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Michele, I have a row of Illini Hardy in my garden here in St. Paul,
Minn. (USDA Hardiness Zone 4b?).  I have had the planting in maybe 6
years, and have had good harvests about 3 of those years.  One year I
lost the entire crop because rabbits gnawed the bark off the canes (as
well as those of the black and purple raspberries) during a snowy
winter.  Last summer I had a poor fruit set and harvest, which I
attributed to very widely fluctuating temperatures the winter before as
well as to poor hardening-off weather in the fall.  It was a real
disappointment since I've come to love blackberry cobblers and  jam.  I
don't know whether I'll keep the Illini Hardy; I've spoken for several
of John Bunker's plants and may try the new primocane blackberries from
the Univ. of Arkansas.  Trouble is, space is very limited and thorny,
upright cultivars need considerable room. -- Sam Brungardt
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With regard to blackberry cold tolerance, I would like to hear more
about what northern gardeners are experiencing as they attempt to grow
blackberries beyond zone 6.

If Jim's blackberries are frozen out above the snow line, is it the
insulating effects of the snow rather than desiccation that is making
the difference?

Any thoughts?

My master's work was with blackberries, and I would like to hear what
others have found in this regard, anecdotally or otherwise.

Does anyone else grow Fort Kent King, Illini Hardy, Cancaska, etc.??


Michele Stanton


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