[NAFEX] Blackberry/Wiltpruf Question

Hal Love lovehd at comcast.net
Thu Dec 15 11:04:49 EST 2005

>     What is Wiltpruf made of; does anyone know?  Is it environmentally
> friendly?  Does it degrade?  How fast?  Thanks.
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Here is something I found regarding Wilt-Pruf on Gardenweb.

"WILT-PRUF is a natural pine oil emulsion that is not damaged by freezing,
will not solidify in storage and is non-toxic to eyes and skin. It is a
natural product derived from the resin of the pine tree which is called a
polyterpene polymer or more specifically a beta-pinene polymer which is a
film forming short chain polymer component. When this product is sprayed on
plant surfaces, the water used to dilute it evaporates leaving a soft,
flexible film which degrades one molecular layer at a time when exposed to
air and light. The film immediately starts a polymerization into a longer
chain, higher weight molecule. However, the entire thickness of the film
does not polymerize at the same rate. Only the surface molecular layer is
going through rapid polymerization. The molecular layer of the film that is
attached and sticking to the leaf is staying a low weight, soft, sticky
substance. The film slowly weathers away through this polymerization mode
where the top layer fully polymerizes becoming a solid material. It powders
away in microscopic flakes which are either washed or blown away, as the
rest of the layers go through the same process until the entire film is
weathered away. This normally takes about two months under hot, summer
conditions and about four months under cold weather conditions."

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