[NAFEX] Elderberry Recipes

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Wed Dec 14 21:53:57 EST 2005


Expertly prescribing the most ready wayes,

Whether, { _Italian_,
          { _Spanish_,
          { or _French_

For dressing of _Flesh_, and _Fish_, Ordering of _Sauces_ or making OF


Printed by _E.B._ for _Nath. Brook_, at the Angel in _Cornhill_, 1658.

_To make Elder Vinegar._

Gather the flowers of Elder, pick them very clean, and dry them in the
Sun on a gentle heat, and take to every quart of Vinegar a good handfull
of flowers and let it stand to Sun a fortnight, then strain the Vinegar
from the flowers, and put it into the barrell againe, and when you draw
a quart of Vinegar, draw a quart of water, and put it into the Barrell
luke warme.


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