[NAFEX] American persimmon on D. lotus rootstock

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Tue Dec 13 10:33:33 EST 2005

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parmarch at sancharnet.in writes:
> Let me put my two cents.  In fact, I tried to join this topic when it was 
> started.  But my mails did not reach the list due to some problem.
> D. lotus is called AMLOOK here in my part of India.  It being used as a 
> rootstock for D. kaki for the past 6-7 decades and does very well.
> I have some pictures of D. lotus fruits and can e-mail if anyone is 
> interested.
> Very truly yours,
> Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

Dear Dr. Parmar,

Yes, please send pictures as an attachment to the list. Those of us that want 
to see them can download and those that don't won't. 

One thing I want to see is how high off the ground the grafts are placed. 
What are the lowest winter temps where this is being done? Lotus is also used in 
the US but in zones higher than zone 5. I believe primarily in zones 8 and 
higher. Those of you more knowledgeable about this please jump in here. I 
particularly, need more education on lotus as a possible understock for virginiana.   

Jerry Lehman
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