[NAFEX] Maple syrup etc

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Mon Dec 12 22:28:48 EST 2005

HI Jerry and the Crew, 
Yes, the problem with saying anything is that there are 1 million exceptions. 
Hopefully getting a handle on baseline temperate tree workings will stimulate 
thought about those exceptions, and we will all wonder why they occur. I generally 
agree with Tanis: magic! These are but fragments of the spells...
I am kidding somewhat with my PS note at the bottom, but we're working on it! 

I should say that I am blessed by a plant genius partner/love of my life. We spent 
a romantic evening (not to gross you all out) staying up til three AM researching, 
bantering about physiology theories, and being inspired. The next morning we picked 
up again. This person is usually at least 50% responsible for the info that I have 
on plant bio (although I am responsible for most of the wrong parts!). Two heads 
(and hearts) are better than one. 
Heron Breen 
zone 4, Maine 

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