[NAFEX] apple ID assist please?

Jim Cooper JCooper at lewiston.k12.id.us
Mon Dec 12 17:37:12 EST 2005

We have a "Spur Gold Blush", late, Oct., mostly green until ripe, with a slight blush 10% of red on 10% of the apples, looks similar to Golden Del. without the spots. Its skin will have a waxy feel and this apple keeps very well, we had some until Apr. last year.

It's flavor gets better after storage for a month, from the green/yellow color it changes to a nice yellow color and better flavor now in Nov/Dec. Juicy and a bit tany with some charactor? acid ?

We bought it several years ago at C & O in WA. I don't think they still sell it now though.

Zone 6

>>> tanistanis at hotmail.com 12/12/2005 11:42 AM >>>
I understand there is now software which can be downloaded and used to ID 
apples from descriptions.  For a couple reasons, I can't use it, so I have 
to pick the brains of NAFEXlisters instead.

Nov 14 I collect apples from an old tree (not ancient) which had half its 
apples on the tree & half on the ground.  (This is rather late, for this 
area.)  Similar to Gold.Del. in appearance & flavor & texture.  A bit more 
crisp, & flavor had more character & some tartness-- especially in the 
slightly greener apples picked from the tree.  Skins are more glossy than 
Gold.Del., and any red on them is in small spots, rather than the occasional 
blush cheek.

I didn't take the time to study leaves for disease signs, nor to find the 
tree's current care-taker to learn the recent care regimen nor history.  
This is the time-consuming part, and I figure if it is a common known 
variety I'll just skip it.

Thanks for any ideas.

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