[NAFEX] Ornamental Blueberries

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Mon Dec 12 10:39:50 EST 2005

How about viburnums?  If it turns out blueberries would be the wrong size, 
shape, or shade tolerance, you might find wider adaptations in the several 
viburnums.  Except nannyberry, which grows too rangey in shade to use in a 
yard.  And, learn about the viburnum borer.

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From: Ginda Fisher <>
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Subject: [NAFEX] Ornamental Blueberries
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 23:25:52 -0500

I have some white cedar foundation plantings that are getting
overgrown.  I am thinking of removing them, and wondering what to
replace them with.  It would be fun to put in something that fruits. .
.  I am contemplating blueberries.

I am in zone 6.  The location is on the south side of my house, but
it's mostly shaded by oak trees, so I don't actually expect to get much
fruit.  I need something tall and narrow:  Mature width should be less
than 4', and height could be 15' or so, and should be at least twice
the width for esthetic reasons.

Anyone have suggestions in a tall, narrow, northern blueberry?
Preferably one with good fall color and red winter twigs?

Any other fruity suggestions?


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