[NAFEX] Ornamental Blueberries

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sun Dec 11 23:25:52 EST 2005

I have some white cedar foundation plantings that are getting 
overgrown.  I am thinking of removing them, and wondering what to 
replace them with.  It would be fun to put in something that fruits. . 
.  I am contemplating blueberries.

I am in zone 6.  The location is on the south side of my house, but 
it's mostly shaded by oak trees, so I don't actually expect to get much 
fruit.  I need something tall and narrow:  Mature width should be less 
than 4', and height could be 15' or so, and should be at least twice 
the width for esthetic reasons.

Anyone have suggestions in a tall, narrow, northern blueberry?  
Preferably one with good fall color and red winter twigs?

Any other fruity suggestions?


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