[NAFEX] Best Dwarfing Rootstock for Pears?

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Sun Dec 11 23:03:59 EST 2005

 I can't comment on Pyrodwarf as I haven't used it.  Sounds interesting.  It's been
compared to the Quince, but how does it stack up to the other Old Home & Farmingdale 
I've used the following:
OHxF 333, OHxF 282, and OHxF 513, mostly w/ Asian pears and some Europeans with 
success.  I have one Asian, Shinsui, that may be stunted, but the others all look fine. 
They all give me the size control I want (ok they could be a little shorter, but they're 
definitely not full size.).  282 was through BearCreek Nursery, and probably isn't easily 
available now.
That brings up another subject, how many rootstocks do you want?  If you only want a small quantity, your choices are limited.  Raintree Nursery carries the 513 I mentioned.  Cummins Nursery carries OHxF 333, OHxF 513, OHxF40, and Pyrodwarf and Pyro233.  Not all may be available as rootstocks to the hobbiest, and last I knew, 10 was their minimum 
order for a quantity of rootstocks.  You'd have to email or give them a call.
Good luck!
Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N 75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation
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