[NAFEX] Phloem. Where does the phloem go?

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Sun Dec 11 10:59:37 EST 2005

Dear Heron,

I'm going to let my ignorance hang out here and hopefully I'm not the only 
reader with this question.

Correct me here if I'm wrong. The vascular cambium lies between the xylem 
(inside) and phloem (outside). Cambium cells divide in three directions with the 
inside cells becoming xylem and the outside cells becoming phloem. The third 
direction is sideways allowing the cambium ring to expand and push out as xzlem 
is formed inside pushing this cambium ring out. Outside of the phloem is a 
cork cambium which grows cork which becomes bark. 

My question is likely because there is a fine point in the above I'm missing. 
What becomes of the phloem ring as the vascular cambium ring grows outward. 
Where do they go or stated in another way, what happens to those phloem cells? 
Are the phloem cells incorporated into the cambium? Are they pushed outward 
and convert to cord cambium?    

Just trying to learn more.

Jerry Lehman
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