[NAFEX] rabbiteye blueberries in KY

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Sat Dec 10 17:49:23 EST 2005

Donna & all,
I've got several rabbiteye bushes - variety unknown - they're some my dad 
rooted from some of the plants in his planting back home.  They're doing 
just fine here in southern west-central KY, bloom(I presume - haven't 
really paid all that much attention) and ripen their fruit after the 
northern highbushes are finished, so they prolong my season 
significantly.  Heavier production than the northern highbush types, but I 
will say that the variety my dad gave me is not as tasty to eat out-of-hand 
as are most of the NH types - but they're just fine for cooking, and not 
bad to eat - just don't seem to be as sweet as the NHs.
I'm looking at putting in more rabbiteye varieties, and fewer northern 
I've planted a couple of the Southern highbushes - O'Neal, Ozarkblue,(don't 
think I've put in a Georgia Gem), but have been pretty unimpressed with 
their vigor; they just haven't done much.


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