[NAFEX] Fruit for Georgia

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Fri Dec 9 14:21:13 EST 2005

Lucky is the expert and has just about answered your inquiry.  Warren Pear 
is my favorite.  The other pears he mentioned prosper well in SC and should 
be tried.  Stewart pecans do well here.  Tifblue rabbiteyes produce more 
than I can gather.  I have both Kaki and Native persimmons but have the same 
problem with sudden death of the Kaki.  Centennial Crab is my favorite 
apple?? Northern Georgia may produce some good apples but not here in the 
Sandhill region.  Low chill apples suck as far as I'm concerned.  Figs, 
figs, figs, more kinds than I can identify (or anyone else) satisfy me and 
all the birds, June Bugs and wasps.  Muscadine grapes produced over 100 lbs 
per vine this year.  You have to experiment but my best one is Loomis. 
Blackberries could be commercially grown if it weren't for a virus in the 
wild berries.  Peaches, for which Georgia is known, and we can grow the ones 
that don't ship well.  Elderberries grow wild here but some cultivars 
surpass their production. Mulberries produce satisfactorily. Santa Rosa 
plums give me a good crop periodically.
With proper care some citrus can produce decent size crops.  As you know, 
Georgia is a BIG state so there is hardly any fruit which can't be grown 
somewhere in the State.
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8 

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