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I see Lucky that you are also a War Eagle; and you are right on with the Pecan varieties, I have all of these , but I hear now that Dr, Goff, my Auburn friend, has pulled the Jenkins from his recommendation due to poor filling I believe. The others have not fruited much for me yet, but are 6 yrs old and starting. I would like to add Creek which is quite scab resistant but like any pecan, will scab somewhat in some locations in some wet seasons. Candy is another variety bearing young and heavily, but small i. e., 70/lb, and a rather hard shell but excellent kernel.
Mayhaws also do well in this area but require 2 good sprays to prevent Rust of blossoms and fruit.
I'm having good luck with several of my fig trees here in zone 7 also. Even in spite of periodic freezeback.
I could provide seed and/or graftwood of Mayhaw next yr. Seed in May.
I like red June plum and methley plum.
Any of the muscadines. I like Darlene, Black Beauty(prune hard to prevent overbearing and winter kill on this one and Supreme.) Ison is a must. Sweet Jenny and Pam are two other popular ones here.

Zone 7 at 1200' msl.

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    New topic: does anyone garden in the south in zones 7b/8a?
    (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina)
    I would like to hear what fruits perform well for you

  Others who are actually still in that part of the country will be weighing in, I'm sure, but based on my experiences growing up in the Auburn AL area, and still having friends/family there, I'll offer up a short list to start the ball rolling:

  Pears - low chill-hour requirements and fireblight resistance are fairly important - Keiffer, Orient, Tennessee, Ayers, Ledbetter, Warren would be good selections to start out with.
  Rabbiteye blueberries are a must
  Pomegranates worked well for me back home, in a somewhat sheltered location
  Persimmons - Asian & American
  Pecans - look for the scab-resistant selections recommended for home or low-input plantings - Jenkins, McMillan, Syrup Mill, Gafford, Carter, and the old standby, Elliott.  


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