[NAFEX] Honeycrisp impostor!

Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
Fri Dec 9 11:59:52 EST 2005

Looks like the Senshu cultivar we grow here at Royal Oak Farm Orchard.  It's 
a cultivar of Toko and Fuji.  I have done taste tests with our customers 
between Senshu and Honeycrisp and about 75% could not taste the difference 
between the two.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard

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Subject: [NAFEX] Honeycrisp impostor!

> I bought a bag of apples recently that claimed to be Honeycrisp, but when 
> I looked more closely, and especially when I tasted one, I discovered that 
> I had been duped!
> I took some pictures of the impostor, and posted them at
> http://allendowney.com/apple
> It has the same colors as a Honeycrisp, and some of the same streakiness, 
> but the skin is shinier than Honeycrisp, and it lacks the dimples and the 
> russeting at the stem end. Also, the stem is too long.
> It's not a bad tasting apple, but the texture is relatively soft and not 
> at all like the characteristic crispness of Honeycrisp.
> I would be curious to know what this apple is. If you can identify it, 
> please send me an email or reply to NAFEX.
> And what do you think, should I raise a stink?
> Cheers,
> Allen

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