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Fri Dec 9 09:05:53 EST 2005

I bought a Kelway meter from A. M. Leonard, it was a mid range cost meter.  I 
had used a cheepy several years ago and found that it often gave erratic  
readings. The Kelway seemed to be much better, then I got a load of spent  
mushroom soil that was supposed to have a pH of about 6.5 to 7.5. The garden  soil 
read about 6. the mushroom soil read about 4.5. I applies about 3 to 4  inches 
and tilled it in and the reading several weeks later was 6.7. I sent  samples 
of soil and of the mushroom soil to Penn State and their reading on the  
mushroom soil was 7.7.
I called the Kelway company and told them what had happened. They said that  
the Kelway was very accurate up to about 7, but from that point up it was very 
 erratic. There was nothing in the literature indicating this. 
Just thought I would pass this on.
Ed  Mashburn
Central PA
Zone 5A
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