[NAFEX] Honeycrisp impostor!

Allen B. Downey downey at allendowney.com
Thu Dec 8 19:01:56 EST 2005

I bought a bag of apples recently that claimed to be Honeycrisp, but when 
I looked more closely, and especially when I tasted one, I discovered that 
I had been duped!

I took some pictures of the impostor, and posted them at


It has the same 
colors as a Honeycrisp, and some of the same streakiness, but the skin is 
shinier than Honeycrisp, and it lacks the dimples and the russeting at the 
stem end. Also, the stem is too long.

It's not a bad tasting apple, but the texture is relatively soft and not 
at all like the characteristic crispness of Honeycrisp.

I would be curious to know what this apple is. If you can identify it, 
please send me an email or reply to NAFEX.

And what do you think, should I raise a stink?


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