[NAFEX] American persimmon on D. lotus rootstock

yarry lo yarrylo at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 7 17:34:01 EST 2005

Has anyone tried or considered D. lotus as an alternative to D. virginiana 
a rootstock for American persimmon?
I understand that D. lotus is less cold hardy than D.V. but still supposedly
hardy to zone 5, so would its use still present a hardiness problem in zones 
6 and
Also noting some growers' observations of the significant variability of
persimmon variety traits on different individual D.V. rootstocks, might D. 
rootstock allow a more consistent expression of the graft (as it apparently
does for D. kaki for which it is the preferred rootstock in some locations),
thereby possibly improving cultivar evaluations?
And is it reasonable to expect a somewhat dwarfed or shrubier plant to grow
on lotus stock and would these qualities be desirable for harvesting
Might also the naturally resistant D. lotus provide some protection from
persimmon wilt?
But back to basics, will this graft even take?!
Alan Stein
Pittsburgh, PA
zone 6

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