[NAFEX] apple grafting beginner question

charles paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Tue Dec 6 18:13:02 EST 2005

I'll just address the practice question.  Right now you can go outside
and select two pencil-size stems to cut off any handy tree, then go sit
and watch some TV and practice.  You want a nice sharp knife and some
rubber bands.  Then working on the sticks you want to make diagonal cuts
about one inch long on each stick.   Then you take the rubber band and
you wrap the rubber band, with about 25% pull [tension] around the two
sticks you've stick together.  The rubber bands will hold the two sticks
together so rigidly that after you tie the rubber band off it'll be like
the two sticks have become one.    [This is called "splice" grafting]

Later you'll make this same thing outside, this time you'll work it onto
the rootstock you get.  Only difference is after tying off you'll cover
with your covering of choice.
Practice is easy inside.
Charlie Paradise  z5 Mass

Deb Schneider wrote: and what is there a "best method" for a beginner to
use to graft successfully?  I'd appreciate advice, pointers, suggestions
of good (VERY straightforward, beginner) books.

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