[NAFEX] apple grafting beginner question

Deb Schneider debs at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 12:40:25 EST 2005

I've discovered a very intriguing apple tree on the parkway of a small town nearby.  It is a large tree, very full, round shape that sets tons of medium-small apples every year.  The apples start yellow green, then turn red.  We tasted them when yellow and they were edible, sweet-tart.  Did not get back to try them later, but I noticed today that many, many apples are still hanging on the tree, even though we've had weeks of hard freeze.  It must be a self-fertile variety, as I've seen no other apple trees nearby.  I'm not sure how to describe the tree well enough to discover what variety it might be...any ideas on what I should look for to try to figure this out?
  I would like to get this tree in my own little orchard, but know virtually nothing about how to go about it.  I don't really want to put it on my one apple tree (a Queen Cox that is just two years old).  Can I get a rootstock somewhere?  How does one go about picking a rootstock?  When is the best time to take a cutting (cuttings?) and what is there a "best method" for a beginner to use to graft successfully?  I'd appreciate advice, pointers, suggestions of good (VERY straightforward, beginner) books.  
  Thanks as always for all the great help and advice!
  Deb Schneider
  Glouster, OH (zone 5 or 6 depending on the map ;)

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