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Mon Dec 5 22:40:45 EST 2005

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> Is a $100 enough to cover expenses?  If it's not, just
> let me know, and if it's more than enough please
> consider the remainder a donation to your work.  I
> think the work you've been doing to save the Claypool
> orchard varieties is admirable.
> Best wishes,
> - john

Hello John,

I'll also copy the group my reply, but an off line would have been better.  

$100 is far far too much. If you are a multi millionaire I'll take it. :-) 
Because I cut many hundred in the trip the cost will be spread over many 
recipients. The more or less standard is $1.25 per stick plus postage and I'll accept 
less. Commercial quantities I do ask the $1.25. The personal goal is helping 
others with persimmon, not deriving an income. We do want the get this 
material out and tested in other areas.  


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