[NAFEX] Columbian Rubus

Michael D. Bathrick bathrick at berkshire.net
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Unfortunately, the answers are no and no - although my father-in-law
has a unheated garage attached to the house, so it never gets that
cold.  He's 400 miles away, but I'm going over before Xmas, so I can
drop it off then.  Thanks for the ideas!


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> With regards to over-wintering your Columbian black raspberry, the
> answer to your questions are possibly, and maybe.  Without knowing
> the exact species, here are some general rules.
> You want to keep the root zone from drying out, but if the plant
> is dormant, no transpiration is occurring, so you don’t want it
> soggy.  
> Also, remember that roots are less hardy than shoots, so even if
> the plant is listed as “Hardy to zone 5”, that would apply to a
> fully dormant plant in soil.  The soil insulates the roots, and
> the roots might be a couple of zones less hardy than the top.
> Your garage may or may not provide enough shelter.  Do you have a
> spare refrigerator (without produce in it) or other cool but not
> cold spot?  Also, you could keep it in the garage for a month to
> get some chilling, then bring it back in to grow if you have a
> greenhouse or well-lit spot in your house.
> Michele Stanton
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